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Shayleen Narayan

Who is Shayleen Narayan?

About Shayleen

Shayleen is a Staff Barrister in Catherine’s team. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree and a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Shayleen has experience working in private practice and the public sector, providing specialised employment law advice to regulatory bodies, insurers, SMEs, Trusts, corporate clients, and Boards.

Prior to joining Catherine’s team in 2024, Shayleen worked as a Senior Advisor in the employment relations/employment law space, where she has managed a number of high profile cases. Prior to that, she worked as a solicitor, providing advice and representation on complex employment matters.

Shayleen is a strong advocate and is solutions-focussed. She is committed to excellence in all aspects of her work and enjoys building strong client relationships.

Shayleen can be contacted on:

Mobile: 021 243 9391


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