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Notable cases where Catherine, or her team, has appeared as counsel include the following:

Parker v Magnum Hire Limited [2024] NZERA 85

Landmark bullying case: successful claims for a bullied employee for constructive dismissal, breach of contract and unjustified disadvantage claims with respect to health and safety breaches from bullying, and an unjustified disadvantage claim for unlawful suspension. Our client was awarded record-high compensation, lost wages, and special damages for psychologist's costs. We also successfully claimed the full cash value of a bonus unlawfully paid in goods and services (quantum yet to be determined), and a penalty for wages and time record breaches for our client


YQO v MYN [2024] NZERA 108 

Acting for employer in successful opposition to employee's removal application, and successfully obtaining interim non-publication orders


Erceg v Yacht Finders Global Limited [2024] NZERA 140

Acting for company successfully defending constructive dismissal, bullying allegations, and other claims 


Young v Eco Pile Limited & Anor [2024] NZERA 177

Acting for a former employee in successful application for compliance orders against a company and its director


Corrigan v Prime Focus Security Ltd (in liq) [2023] NZERA 125

Successful claims for an employee in constructive dismissal, unjustified disadvantage due to unlawful suspension, numerous breaches of section 103A(3) of the Employment Relations Act, and breaches of Wages Protection Act and employment agreement; our client awarded lost remuneration, penalty and compensation


Young v Eco Pile Limited [2022] NZERA 505

Successful claim for an employee for unjustified dismissal, wage arrears and interest


Leota Lu v ChoiceKids Childcare Limited [2022] NZERA 216

Acting for employer successfully defending unjustified dismissal claim 


SHD v GLT: GLT v SHD [2022] NZERA 286

Successful resolution of employment dispute involving originating claim and counter-claim, by way of consent determination and permanent non-publication order


Shaun Hendy and Siouxsie Wiles v The Vice Chancellor of Auckland [2021] NZERA 586

Successful application for removal of case from Employment Relations Authority to Employment Court


Bennien v CareVets Hamilton Limited [2021] NZERA 433 (substantive)

Successful application for declaration of employment status, and claims for wage arrears, interest, and penalties for breaches of minimum employment standards


Bennien v CareVets Hamilton Limited [2021] NZERA 502 (costs)

Successful application for significant costs uplift owing to employer’s conduct during proceeding and rejection of reasonable settlement offer


ANZ Sky Tours v Wei [2021]  NZEmpC 67

Successful challenge in Employment Court to constructive dismissal finding owing to break in causal chain for resignation, despite breaches in relation to wages


Hurst v Hodgson [2020] NZEmpC 182/2020

Successful defence against security for costs application


Hurst v Hodgson [2020] NZEmpC 83

Successful application to file challenge out of time, largely arising from impact of Covid-19 lockdown


ANZ Sky Tours Limited v Hsu-Yin Wei [2020] NZEmpC 129

Acting as counsel in case for employer where 'contempt of court' claim was successful against former employee who was found to have blatantly interfered in a disclosure process resulting from the Court's orders


Savage v Wai Shing Limited [2019] NZEmpC 141

Acting as counsel for employee in precedent-setting Employment Court case where employer was injuncted from dismissing employee during the period of an interim reinstatement order 


Sell v IVise Solutions Limited; IVise Solutions Limited v Sell [2019] NZERA 397

Acting as counsel for company in case where large penalties awarded against employee for multiple breaches of good faith despite flaws in redundancy process


Ramkissoon v Commissioner of Police [2018] NZCA 304

Acting as counsel in the Court of Appeal for former police officer in case involving constructive dismissal and jurisdictional issues


Nel v ASB Bank Limited [2018] EmpC68

Employment Court consent orders in relation to successful resolution of longstanding litigation involving challenge to serious misconduct dismissal


Nel v ASB Bank Limited [2018] NZEmpC 59 

Application to Employment Court to exclude evidence in contested matters for longstanding litigation


Nel v ASB Bank Limited [2017] NZCA 559

Successful defence in the Court of Appeal of applications for leave to appeal discovery and strike-out issues


Nel v ASB Bank Limited [2017] NZEmpC 56 

Successful challenge to objections to discovery resulting in Employment Court ordering disclosure of Human Resources files in relation to "disparity of treatment" conduct


Stormont v Peddle Thorp Aitken Limited [2017] NZEmpC12

Successful Employment Court de novo challenge for unpaid bonus and unjustified redundancy resulting in awards of lost wages, compensation and bonus being paid, and subsequent record costs award


Ramkissoon v Commissioner of Police [2017] CA 558

Successful application for leave to Court of Appeal on specific issues of law


Warren v TR Group [2017] NZERA Auckland 336

Case involving unjustified dismissal during fixed term and breach of good faith


Labour Inspector of MBIE v Gujarat Cuisine 2012 Limited [2017] NZERA Auckland 37

Successful defence of claims brought by Labour Inspector against restaurant resulting in nil penalties


Ken Miller v Metropolitan Glass and Glazing Limited [2016] NZERA Auckland 188

Successful claim for unjustified dismissal resulting in substantial monetary awards and reinstatement to former position


Hally Labels Limited v Powell, Employment Court [2015] NZEmpC 92 15 June 2015

Successful defence of wide range of claims in the Employment Court including breach of good faith and fidelity and breach of employment agreement


Powell v Hally Labels Limited, Court of Appeal [2014] NZCA 572

Counsel in Court of Appeal successfully overturning a prior costs decision in longstanding and complex litigation spanning both the civil and employment jurisdictions








Manoharan v Chief Executive of Waiariki Institute of Technology [2011] NZERA Auckland 427

Successful claims for unjustified dismissals of two employees and successful application for contempt in relation to employer's obstruction of Authority's process


Faulkner v Secretary for Justice (ERA 11/04/2011)

Successful claims for unjustified dismissal and discrimination on the grounds of union activities


Allen v Transpacific Industries Group Ltd (t/a "Medismart Ltd") Employment Court (2009) 6 NZELR 530 (EMC)

Counsel for company in case involving serious misconduct dismissal and issues of mitigation of loss


Charleston v University of Waikato AEA 56/04 28/09/2004

Counsel for University of Waikato in successful defence of claims of unjustified dismissal and unjustified disadvantage


NZ Dairy Workers Union Inc v New Zealand Milk Products Court of Appeal [2004] 1 ERNZ 376

Counsel appointed by the Court of Appeal to advise the Court (amica curiae) on issues relating to preference of union or non-union members in collective bargaining


New Zealand Dairy Workers Union Inc v NZMP, Employment Court [2002] 1 ERNZ 361

Counsel appointed by the Employment Court to advise the Court (amica curiae) on issues relating to preference of union or non-union members in collective bargaining


Austin v Vice Chancellor, University of Auckland (EMT, 19/09/02)

Counsel for University of Auckland successfully defending claim by lecturer for retirement payment


Brown v Vice-Chancellor of the University of Auckland (ERA, 01/05/02)

Counsel for University of Auckland successfully defending redundancy claim


Gilbert v Attorney-General, Employment Court [2000] 1 ERNZ 332

Counsel in landmark case on stress in the workplace; client awarded substantial compensation and arrears of wages. Case remains leading authority on workplace stress to the present day


Wealthall v MacCormick, acting Vice-Chancellor of the University of Auckland, Employment Court (EMC, 17/07/1998)

Successful defence of interlocutory injunction for reinstatement of lecturer to position with University of Auckland


Gilbert v Attorney-General, Employment Court [1998] 3 ERNZ 500

Successful application for disclosure of medial records and other documentation in landmark case on stress in the workplace


Auckland College of Education v Hagg, Court of Appeal [1996] 1 ERNZ 150

Counsel in landmark case on fixed term contracts